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EOGas Series 3

The EOGas Series 3 cabinets offer 10-6 SAL sterilisation and aeration in the one free standing cabinet. Cycle can be tailored to particular requirements by varying temperature, cycle length, gas charge and liner bag size. Standard, batch and industrial modes available. Printed labels and cycle record. These sterilisers deliver highly effective and safe sterilisation of the widest range of items in a gentle, single process. They are suitable for re-sterilisation in a healthcare facility or for a medical device manufacturer.

Our range of EOGas Series 3 cabinets

Comparison Chart

This chart will help you compare the different models available in our EOGas 3 range and help you choose the cabinet best suited to your needs.

External dimensions (L x H x D) 72.4 x 101 x 66.4 cm 85.9 x 196.2 x 80 cm
Internal dimensions (L x H x D) 62.2 x 67.3 x 56.5 cm 87.7 x 166.3 x 71.1 cm
Weight 130 kg (+ extractor weight: 4.5 kg) 286 kg (+ extractor weight: 4.5 kg)
Capacity 235 l 930 l
Number of loads 6 x 35 l bags 10 x 35 l bags
Cycles available 16 - 20 hours 16 - 20 hours
SAL 10-6 10-6
Refill Kits available AN-1006

EOGas Series 3 Refill kits

Designed specifically for use with the Andersen EOGas Series 3 Sterilisers, these kits ensure that you never use more gas than you need to with our unique match-load-to-cartridge method. When packaged, each ampoule is enclosed in a tough polythene cartridge. This cartridge is designed to protect the operator in the event that the cartridge is activated, in error, after it has been warmed to 50 °C. Operator safety is also assured by a double protection-trigger guard (a plastic lock and safety seal). Activating the cartridge involves removing the trigger guard and depressing the trigger.


The AN-1006 refill kit comes with ampoules, liner bags, Humidichips and Dosimeters for 23 cycles. Each ampoule contains 10.5 g of EtO and the liner bag (sterilisation chamber) holds up to 350 l.


The AN-2018.00 refill kit comes with ampoules for 50 cycles. Each ampoule contains 17.6 g of EtO. This kit does not contain sterilisation bags.

Comparison Chart

This chart will help you compare the different refill kits available for our EOGas Series 3 cabinets

AN-1006 AN-2018.00
Number of cycles 23 50
Number 45 l
Number 10.5 g 17.6 g

Accessories/Consumables for EOGas Series 3 cabinets

In order to ensure a successful cycle other products may require as below:


An AN-1087 dosimeter should be used in every cycle to confirm that the parameters for sterilisation have been met. The dosimeter measures time, concentration of gas and temperature. Single use item.

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Humidichip and humiditube

In order for the cycle to be successful a minimum of 35% humidity is required. Should the humidity be below this a humidichip (Tyvek soaked in sterile water) is placed in a Humiditube, the tube is reusable and is to ensure that the Humidichip is not squashed.

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Biological indicators

The “Gold Standard” for ensuring sterilisation has occurred. The Andersen AN-2203 is placed in the centre of the load, at the end of the cycle the inner tube is “snapped” allowing the spore strip in the outer tube to be soaked with the growth medium. The tube is then incubated for 48 hours at 37 °C. If the medium is clear – your load was sterile.

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AN5200 EO Abator

For use with EOGas 3 sterilizers

The AN5200 EOGas 3 Abator is designed to remove more than 99% of the ethylene oxide emitted from the exhaust stream of an EOGas 310 or EOGas 333 sterilizer.

The abator employs a dry catalyst resin that converts ethylene oxide to biodegradable organic compounds.

Our systems are recognized for using a microdose of ethylene oxide and our emissions fall well below all federal guidelines. If you choose to abate, remember we have this option for you.

The AN5200 EO Abator System is designed to work with all models of the Andersen EOGas 3 sterilizer series.

Installation is simple, as the abator easily attaches to new EOGas 3 sterilizers. At time of abator installation, the EOGas 3 extractor must be reprogrammed requiring Andersen Field Service support.

It will abate 1,800 10.5 gram EOGas 3 cartridges, extracting over 99% of the ethylene oxide in the exhaust air stream.

There are no electrical connections or electrical components in the EOGas 3 abator cabinet itself. Electrical connection is to the extractor blower only, which is set to operate continuously.

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