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Sterilisation of laparoscopic equipment

Many vet surgeons wonder how their laparoscopic devices can be sterilised.

Laparoscopic instruments which allow minimally invasive surgery are becoming more and more popular in veterinary clinics, but many vet surgeons still have reservations regarding this kind of equipment as they fear they will not be able to sterilise it properly. Some of the manufacturers claim that their laparoscopic devices are autoclavable, but the heat and steam involved in the process mean they will most likely get damaged after a few cycles. At Andersen Products, we are often being asked: "Are your sterilisation solutions compatible with laparoscopic equipment?"

The answer is "Yes!" Andersen's low temperature sterilisers are ideal for the sterilisation of LigaSures, Harmonic Scapels and other laparoscopic instruments.

There is true sterilisation (ALL microorganisms and their spores are killed), as opposed to disinfection or “cold soak” (reducing harmful microorganisms). The low temperatures (max. 50°C), means that there is no damage to items that may be caused by heat or steam and no corrosion that may be caused by other oxidizing sterilisers.

The Anprolene room temperature sterilisers can be used on the 12 hours cycle or the EOGas 4 heated cabinet on the 3 hours cycle.