Tyvek - AN-2420 - 10 cm x 200 m

Tyvek rolls allow the user to tailor their own pouches, by cutting to the desired length and then using a heat sealer to seal both ends. The clear plastic web leaves the device clearly visible when in the pouch.


Technical Details

The tough, breathable, Tyvek web is a complete barrier to micro-organisms, but permeable to allow humidity into the package. Tyvek is suitable for Andersen’s ambient and heated cabinets. Tyvek packages will remain sterile for up to two years when stored under suitable conditions. This material is suitable for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization.



Width (internal):8 cm
Length:50 m
MaterialUncoated Tyvek
Uncoated PET/PE
Quantity:1 roll/box
Minimum side seal strength2.0N (N/15mm)
ComplianceEN868 part 2 to 10 as appropriate
ISO 11607 Parts 1 & 2

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