Sterilisation services for vets

Sterilisation services for vets


If your true sterilisation requirements are infrequent or small, off-site sterilisation may be your best option. Andersen Products now offer sterilisation services specially tailored for vet clinics.

How does it work?


If you have instruments that need sterilising, simply call Andersen Products to book them in (we can arrange for a collection or you can use your own courier). The turnaround time is usually four days from the moment the items leave your premises till they are returned to you, ready for use. The following chart shows the different steps:

Day 1

Your items are collected from your premises.

Please make sure your items are surgically clean and suitably wrapped in Tyvek packaging, self-seal pouches, Seal & Peel or CSR wrap. For an additional cost, we can offer a wrapping service if required

Day 2

Your equipment arrives at Andersen Products in Clacton-on-Sea (Essex).

The sterilisation process begins on the same day.

Day 3

Items are removed from the steriliser after a suitable aeration period. The chemical integrator (”Dosimeter”) is checked and temperature/humidity levels of the load are recorded. Once all those parameters are verified, your items are carefully wrapped and returned via one of our approved couriers

Day 4

Your items are delivered to your premises. You can start using them immediately.

Alternatively, because they are packed, you can store them and use them later (up to two years depending on the packaging used).

Advantages for vets

  • EtO will not blunt sharp instruments, extending their useful life.
  • Our services will enable you to offer economic laparoscopic spaying, the equipment used being expensive (even the "autoclavable" ones will be damaged over time).
  • If your true sterilisation requirements are infrequent or small, off-site sterilisation may be a more economical option.
  • If you are limited to space in your practice
  • If you do not have access to an outside wall to locate an in- house steriliser
  • Collection and return of goods arranged by ourselves.
  • We can also provide packaging for your devices