Sterilisation services for the health sector


Andersen Products offer sterilisation services for health professionals, medical device manufacturers and veterinary practices. Our labs are located in Clacton on Sea in Essex and we can offer our services to customers throughout Europe.

Advantages of outsourcing

  • If your sterilisation requirements are not frequent, an off- site service will often be more cost effective than purchasing a steriliser.
  • We can offer a fast turnaround - in most cases 5 working days.
  • We can offer gentle high level sterilisation at a range of temperatures delivering SAL 10-6.
  • Parameters can be adapted to the specific needs of the customer.
  • Our flexible chamber system means we can sterilise small loads (10 l bags).

Sterilisation process

Your devices are sterilised according to your parameters in one of our EOGas systems.

30 °C cycle – 12 or 24 hours
50 °C cycle – 3 or 5 hours
1 x 40 l bag
Aeration at 30/50 °C in the steriliser or at room temperature in dedicated aeration room.
50 °C cycle – 16 hours
Up to 10 x 60 l bag
Aeration at room temperature in dedicated aeration room.

In all cases, aeration is continued for 48 hours, whilst our biological indicators (BIs) are incubating.
SAL 10-6 delivered
Your goods are returned with a certificate of conformity.

Items that can be sent to us

You can sterilise almost anything, except liquid, food and drugs! Please visit our section Items suitable for sterilisation with EtO to find out what you can send to us for sterilisation.

Courier arrangements


We can arrange to have your items collected by a courier, wherever you are in Europe. You only need to clean and wrap the items so that they are ready for sterilisation. We will take care of the rest.

We work with DHL, TNT and FedEx.

Costs start at £ 15 for a 5 kg box in UK or £ 20 in Europe.

Other services

Andersen Products can also arrange for additional services including:

Validation / qualification

We can perform the validation procedures necessary for operating an Andersen steriliser in-house.


We can provide packing for your products that is suitable for EtO sterilisation. This packaging is available in various sizes either on rolls or pouches.


Our tests are done in accordance with international standards. Validations of the methods that we use can be provided.

Sterilisation services for vets

If your true sterilisation requirements are infrequent or small, off-site sterilisation may be your best option. Andersen Products now offer sterilisation services specially tailored for vet clinics.

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"In my private practice I hate to throw away reusable material. EtO sterilisation proved to be the ideal solution for sterilising unpacked and unused material such as sutures, drapes, bandages, as well as used, easy to clean material that cannot be put in the autoclave, such as plastic or rubber items. It’s a shame I didn’t find out about Andersen Products Ltd. earlier. Compared to a Belgian competitor with whom I used to work before, the goods that are shipped to England are sent back within a surprisingly shorter delay and for a surprisingly lower price. Throwing away reusable material is a waste of money and this is of course is the most important reason why I strongly recommend Andersen Products Ltd. to all professionals that are running a private practice."

Dr. Bruno De Meyere, Plastic Surgeon, Belgium

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