ETO sterilisation in depth


This section contains information about different aspects of ethylene oxide sterilisation to help you understand better how this powerful sterilisation method works and what it will allow you to achieve.

How does Ethylene Oxide work?

Ethylene oxide, the gas used in all Andersen Products sterilisers, is one of the most effective sterilant available on the market. It has more than 60 years of existence in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. But how does it work exactly?

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Ethylene Oxide - Facts and figures

There are many misconceptions surrounding Ethylene Oxide... This section presents some facts and figures to dispel the most common myths.

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Items suitable

EtO is a very versatile sterilising agent which can be used to sterilise almost anything, with the exception of drugs, food, liquids, oils and powders. You may be surprised to hear that you could actually sterilise items such as your laptop or your smartphone with EtO!

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Sterilisation of laparoscopic equipment

At Andersen Products, we are often being asked: "Are your sterilisation solutions compatible with laparoscopic equipment?". The answer is "Yes!"

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Sterilisation of endoscopes

You can now sterilise your endoscopes with EtO using the next-generation EOGas 4, FDA approved. High Efficiency Flexible Chamber Technology provides the assurance of EtO sterilisation in a compact, tabletop package.

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Ethylene Oxide safety

This section explains why it is safe for operators to sterilise medical devices using one of Andersen Products' sterilisers.

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