AN-86 - Exposure Indicator strips


The AN-86 stickers are designed to provide immediate visual results as to whether or not Ethylene Oxide gases have successfully penetrated the sterilisation load. The colour changes from yellow/green to a clear powder blue. This colour change is sustained on storage, thus identifying packs that have been sterilised in subsequent storage. They come in a convenient dispenser box


Technical Details

AN-86 stickers are elongated and have space for the operator to write Lot or date information on the sticker.

They are suitable for use with Seal and Peel®, Tyvek®, CSR wrap and conventional sterilisation paper, and for use in either an Anprolene (ambient temperature) or EOGas (heated) steriliser.

The AN-86 stickers confirm that the pack has been exposed to EtO but they are not designed as a guarantee of sterility. They are not intended to replace Dosimeters (AN-87, AN-1087) or biological controls which measure the kill of bacterial spores (AN-2203 and AN-2202)



Size1.9 cm (W) x 11.1 cm (L)
Quantity200 per box
Shelf life2 years
ComplianceComplies with ISO-11140