Karl Storz Confirms Compatibility

Karl Storz flexible endoscopes may be sterilized with a flexible chamber EtO technology, without damage.

Storz Endorsement_2012_11_crop_webKarl Storz have confirmed that their entire range of flexible endoscopes can be sterilized with the Andersen Products flexible chamber EtO sterilization technology. This arose out of work that Andersen have been doing with a UK hospital, which is demonstrating:  - Safety to the operator.  - No damage to the device.  - Residuals below acceptable levels.  - Effective sterilization.

This decision that the flexible chamber EtO technology does not damage their flexible endoscopes is no surprise. Karl Storz has endorsed EtO gas sterilization based on material compatibility studies performed with 100% EtO gas. In their opinion, the flexible chamber has no influence on the characteristics of the gas itself.

The work Andersen is doing with this UK hospital will be presented at the IDSc conference in Blackpool, UK at the end of this month.